Episode 5

This episode features the talents of host Courtney Bailey demonstrating how to Starjump!

Story time is a special reading of the '1-2-3' book in Alyawarr by Louisa Long from Arlparra.

Then it’s off to Yirrkala with a lovely lullaby by Serina O’Connor and Taya Gurruwiwi.

There is a special appearance from Justine Clarke and her ‘Dancing Face’.

And finally it’s off to Ngukurr School with Dean Austin Bara singing in Wubuy.



996 mb mp4


One thought on “EPISODE 5

  1. This is excellent. loved it. would be great for more of the community members to see.
    would love to have like at like film nights around the town if possible, (ie when netball is on, if parents ok with it / community, to run shows like this if it was allowed by yous who made it, and if community ok with it etc. or at sessions like community events, naidoc etc.

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