https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqWlB7_8POE&t=25s   Welcome to Episode 10 of Rising Star – Shirley is worried about being left alone with a black kite flying above! ‘Oh My Country’ is performed by Courtney Bailey, it’s a feel good song about animals on country and how being on country is good for you. Story Time ‘Walking in Gagudju Country Exploring… Continue reading EPISODE 10


https://youtu.be/64fajbZvnqA   Welcome to Episode 9 of Rising Star – Shirley is catching flies that fly round and round, which gives Courtney an idea! Drawing Lines by Courtney with Nick on saxophone Story-Time is Bigismob Jigiwan Dog.  Marlene Andrews from Ngukurr reads this Kriol translation by the good people at Meigim Kriol Strongbala In the… Continue reading EPISODE 9


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohMj6gnmIjU   Gus and Shirley are jumping up and ducking down.  Watch Gus and Courtney dance around while singing the Boxy Bop. Story-Time is from Central Australia with Lorrayne Gorey reading for us in Arrernte.  The book is called Alkngarrileme and it is all about looking the at Warnings that can be found from the animals… Continue reading EPISODE 8


  Let’s start with an action song – it’s Courtney singing Turn Around Gabriel Maralngurra from Gunbalanya is presenting Story Time.  He’s reading The Kunwinjku Counting Book to the children of Gunbalanya FaFT. Cars and Houses is an animation with drawing, sound effects and voices by Jesse and Chace Bailey-Peris Come and have fun at FaFT with Mandy… Continue reading EPISODE 7


Gus Fitzgerald and Shirley the frog introduce this episode – can you hop like a frog? Story time is the kriol book called Yakai Beibegel.  Maureen Hodgson from the community of Binjari west of Katherine wrote the book and shares it with us by the banks of the beautiful Katherine River There is also a… Continue reading EPISODE 6


This episode features the talents of host Courtney Bailey demonstrating how to Starjump! Story time is a special reading of the ‘1-2-3’ book in Alyawarr by Louisa Long from Arlparra. Then it’s off to Yirrkala with a lovely lullaby by Serina O’Connor and Taya Gurruwiwi. There is a special appearance from Justine Clarke and her… Continue reading EPISODE 5


Courtney and Shirley are checking out some new sounds… sounds that make them want to dance! Rob Collins dances his way through the alphabet again, going from ‘G’ to ‘L’, doing a little bit of hunting on the way. Then we visit Milikapiti as Nina Black reads ‘No Way, Yirrikipayi!’ about a hungry crocodile on… Continue reading EPISODE 4


Join Ruby and Shirley as they do some jumping with the kids from Ntaria, then head off to Galiwin’ku to sing the Wheels on the Bus Song. You can also count some eggs with Mama Crocodile, and sing along with Emily Wurramara and her turtle song, Yimenda Papaguneray. You’ll also have fun on the bikes at… Continue reading EPISODE 3


Courtney introduces Episode 2 with help from Shirley the Frog!! The songs from this episode include Clap Your Hands with Courtney The Bapa Nama kinship song from Yirrkala FaFT Emily Wurramurra singing the ABC song Counting with Ali the Owl A day-in-the-life of a toddler at Yuendumu FaFT. Read a Book featuring the parents and children from… Continue reading EPISODE 2