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Rising Star is an indigenous early childhood web series from the Northern Territory Music School in Darwin. It's all about encouraging regional and remote younger kids to engage in reading with family members as well as instructional play.

Rising Star works with the Families as First Teachers (FAFT) Centres around the Territory to incorporate basic literacy and numeracy skills into their sessions, and work toward building 'school ready' skills.

Early episodes have engaged the remarkable creative skills of indigenous performers such as June Mills, Ali Mills, Rob Collins and Emily Wurramurra.

Our Hosts

Courtney Bailey

COURTNEY BAILEY has been teaching in Darwin for absolute yonks and part of the VAMPtv team since 2013.  She is passionate about food, footie and the unsettling winds of a late afternoon storm.

Gus Fitzgerald

GUS FITZGERALD is a Darwin singer, broadcaster and mower of lawns.  He was an inaugural host of VAMPtv in 2011 and has brought along his trade-mark cheeky charm to Rising Star.  He enjoys jumping off the East Point cliffs at high tide, good coffee and gently strumming his guitar while staring off into the middle distance.

Our Creative Team

Bill Grose

Bill Grose is the Executive Producer of VAMPtv and Rising Star as well as the principal at the NT Music School.

Todd Williams

TODD WILLIAMS has overseen production of VAMPtv since 2011 and Rising Star since it began.  He has a background in graphic design, film-making, animation and cartooning around.  He lives in Darwin with his wife, lots of possums, some bush turkeys and hordes of ravenous cockroaches.

Rodney Balaam

ROD BALAAM is music teacher who really enjoyed teaching music, but can't anymore because we grabbed him for VAMP .  Well known for his bass playing in nearly every local middle-aged band known by science to exist, Rod brings his indefatigable smiley energy to nearly everything he does.  He enjoys dancing and emails, and lives in near a swamp in Darwin with his wife and two lanky sons.

Patrick McKenzie

PATRICK McKENZIE is a creative producer and newest member of the VAMPtv Team.  He has a background in television, radio and music production. A proud Yidinji man, Patrick brings his unique skills in Indigenous education, video production and sound design to the team.

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